Life Restaurant

A peaceful place to enjoy Life cuisine and reflect during your visit to Amed


“When we opened in 2004, there were only a handful of hotels and places to eat out in Amed. I had been coming to the area since 1996 when there was barely a road, and when phone lines and generators were still in use. Having always adored cooking since I was a child, I got creative with the local staff in the kitchen to create some family recipes with a traditional Balinese twist.

Susie and the team at Life in Amed were the first to serve organic green salads and vegan options in the area, and our infamous Chocolate Decadence Cake & Brownies draws people from all over Bali for dessert!

We believe there is something for everyone on our menu.

We have so many people from all over the world visiting us, and we appreciate that you have found us”

– Sarah Love Life.