Life in Amed is the perfect spot for your holiday or retreat. Many people travel to us to experience yoga, art and writing retreats, in a peaceful setting where they can unwind and take in the ocean air and bright aqua hues. We can facilitate groups of up to 40 people, or keep it intimate with small groups meeting in the Perfumed Garden living area. We have a versatile menu which caters to all dietary needs, and our staff can also arrange an assortment of activities for you during your stay. These range from hikes, scuba, free-diving, snorkeling, offering-making, Temple & Market visits.

Life in Amed is the perfect venue for your next retreat.

Follow your Heart

Life in Amed is situated in the heart of a vibrant Fishing Village where daily life has not changed in decades. The people are very friendly and welcoming to visitors. It is traditional for the village to come together for the many ceremonies that occur, whether it’s a three-month-old baby’s blessing, a marriage, cremation or a blessing of their boat or Temple.
When this occurs there is a calling of all the men to come and kill the pigs for the celebration, and a little later the women gather to make the offerings. This can be noisy if close to the hotel, however it’s not a daily occurrence, and can be very interesting for guests to witness and join in the celebrations. This is something that is the heart of the Balinese lifestyle and culture, and happens all over Bali. It really contributes to the experience of Life in Amed and is why it is such a unique place to visit, we would love for you to enjoy it with us.